About Us

About Us

At Ultrathon Electric, we strive to be a leader in providing Renewable Energy Solutions to the global markets along with the specialized SME segment and the rural belt of the country. As a leading business in the segment, we have a track record of delivering high-performing, affordable, and reliable, clean energy projects –all around the world. Together with our end consumers, we are committed to reducing the ever-growing levels of carbon emissions by supplying reliable, renewable energy from the decentralized modes of production sources, delivering new, innovative solutions analyzing energy performances and investing in revolutionary clean energy projects and technologies. With our in-depth knowledge base and industry expertise, we aim at extending our innovative, tailored energy solutions to the customers. At Ultrathon Electric, we help in creating profitable and sustainable energy infrastructures and solutions –across different industry verticals. We manufacture, outsource, and integrate high-end renewable energy solutions towards addressing complex issues –tailored as per the specific requirements of our clients. Through our improved efficiencies and innovative technologies, our wide range of services aims at unlocking new opportunities for our clients in developing the respective energy solutions sustainability.


Effective Integration for Impact

At Ultrathon Electric, we aim at collaborating in smart, intelligent ways –bringing together the talents that yield the best possible results in the energy sector. We ensure effective integration through our innovative technologies and practices for simplifying systems and streamlining processes –accelerating the path to effective energy production, outsourcing, and beyond.


Driving Success for Our Clients

Our recognized, renewable energy solutions –incorporating solar, wind, and hybrid energy alongside high-end solar applications, make us a reputed partner among the clients across the globe. Our dynamic R&D team constantly works with the concept of Energy Storage Systems towards making plans to design and develop individual assembly unit –extending support to the rural as well as urban off-grid along with other utility projects.


Right from private investors to industry operators, independent power producers (IPPs), utility companies, and communities –Ultrathon Electric is committed to delivering innovative energy solutions for every type of client. As part of our core values and respect for the environment and nature around, we aim at creating and delivering sustainable, economically-profitable renewable energy projects. With a strong focus on the overall designing, manufacturing, and effective engineering innovation, our award-winning and patented renewable energy solutions are rapidly becoming an industry benchmark.


At Ultrathon Electric

our wide range of services aims at unlocking new opportunities 

Our vision is to deliver the best range of sustainable services and solutions that reduce the overall environmental impairment, providing our clients with assistance in realizing the importance of sustainable growth through renewable energy solutions. Through our integrated range of energy solutions and investment projects, we aim at enhancing and boosting the energy industry –regionally, locally, nationally, and even worldwide.
With Ultrathon Electric supporting your energy requirements, you can focus entirely on growing your overall retail energy services and enhancing the end user experience and quality goals. For the leading energy service providers, our comprehensive range of innovative energy solutions along with high-end energy saving services –assisting our clients in lowering the cost of production and increasing competitiveness throughout.
To be a complete Renewable Energy Company that helps Residential and Commercial customers to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact through advanced, turn-key solar energy systems.

Our Team

” Our Company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products. “

Shailendra B.


Bryan Aarti Bhardwaj


" Our Company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products. "