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Who We Are

Ultrathon is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, product development, production and marketing of Solar Street Lights and Solar Power Generation Systems. The company is located in Delhi NCR, the forefront of Indian reform and opening up base of several high end industries. Ultrathon Electric has various verticals namely Solar LED Lighting, Solar Rooftop, Solar Cold Storage Systems, Solar Dual Pump Systems for Water Distribution and Solar Smart Poles for Smart Cities.

ULTRATHON® is leading Solar Street Light Manufacturer & Exporters. We 100% focus on next-generation products. Our experienced R&D teams help us keep developing new products by using latest technologies, and keep the price more competitive, then to help our clients can win their market or projects more easier.In the same time, we stick to the principle of “quality first” and care was always taken at the beginning of production. So the products we made always with stable quality & performance. The company has a dust-free shop floor of more than 1000 square meters. Furthermore, we have perfect LED testing equipment, quality testing and environmental testing equipment, which results in a large-scale high-quality production of LED lighting with a good foundation.

Our Solar EPC Division has some of the best and experienced team of the industry. Our expertise is Micro Grids and Off Grid Projects  besides Solar Rooftop Plants. Our this division focuses on strategically increasing the role of renewables in our energy mix. We have numerous Solar Rooftop and Micro Grid Power projects underway, harnessing the potential of emerging cost-effective renewable resources and technologies. We have the advantages of a high starting point of technology and a high starting point of scale.

Service & Products

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Solar EPC

ULTARTHON® offers detailed Engineering, Procurement & Construction services for Ground-mounted Solar Power projects, Rooftop Solar, Solar Parks, CAPEX as well as OPEX projects. With our in-depth knowledge base and industry expertise, we aim at extending our innovative, tailored energy solutions to the customers. At Ultrathon, we help in creating profitable and sustainable energy infrastructures and solutions –across different industry verticals. The extremely expert and focused EPC Group at Ultrathon makes certain the completion of each and every solar plant from notion to commissioning including its Procedure and maintenance for the whole lifespan with the plant. The business, over the years, has created an internationally accredited skills in engineering and procurement and challenges in administration, construction and commissioning, with a strong command around asset management.

Solar Advisory

 The decision to invest right into a Renewable Power Projects arises out of multiple and remarkably distinctive motives and necessities. From farmers who ought to irrigate their distant off-grid fields, from the clinic director who intends to prevent energy cuts, to your Trader who would like to spot cash into a thoroughly clean Power undertaking.


ULTRATHON® provides specialty services which includes Project Management Consultancy for the feasibility, planning, designing and construction of Solar Power Projects. We work with Solar Integrators, System Designers and Solar Business Houses to design and implement Services, Programs, and Products, not only to deliver a set of services on top of our platform but also to deliver the right solution to the end customers

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Engineered for best value and worry-free storage, Marathon Solar Batteries can be counted on day in and day out as a reliable power source for a wide range of off-grid and unreliable grid applications, including:

• Remote micro-grids • Solar home systems

• Solar street signs/lights • Residential & commercial backup

• Off-grid cabins/tiny house • Telecom

• Oil & gas

Marathon’s proven quality and reliability is the result of our extensive engineering expertise in deep-cycle battery design. Our Solar  batteries feature:

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For the past so many years, Ultrathon is supplying All In One Solar Street Lights to the global market. If you need any All In One Solar Street Lights for your business, you’ve come to the right place! Ultrathon Electric is a leading supplier of all in one solar street light in India. It is always our best endeavour to supply the right all in one solar street light at the right time at the right cost. “Customer Satisfaction” is our major concern. Our expertise and our latest Solar Street Light technology are based on the experience of many years in the production of Solar LED Street Light, all in one integrated solar street light.


Ultrathon’s manufactures a wide range of solar LED Street light luminary as well as complete systems. with inbuilt solar charge controller auto dusk to dawn operation. Applications: Suitable for City road lighting, Shopping centres perimeter lighting, City lighting renovation, Urban landscaping. Available: 1- 9W to 60W with inbuilt solar charge controller auto dusk to dawn operation 2- 9W-24W with dimming option and with motion sensor We manufacture semi integrated solar street light with inbuilt lithium ion battery, dimming option, inbuilt solar charge controller auto dusk to dawn operation,
Solar Street Light - UltrathonElectric
Solar Street Light - UltrathonElectric


Conventional series come in different configurations. All versions use fully weather-proof, long lasting and rugged Aluminum Pressure Die Cast housing with ingress protection of IP65. It uses high lumen power LEDs of wide view angle. Power LEDs are selected from the reputed source for long lasting lighting backed by excellent thermal management. The conventional solar street lights are supplied with Lead Acid batteries and Solar Panel and Poles as a separate unit. The product is available from 7W to 30W range.


Charge input from solar arrays sometimes is insufficient to keep the batteries fully charged. During sun-less days, batteries are discharged but not charged. These conditions result in battery operating in Partial State of Charge (PSOC), Cycling and Deep-cycling. Also, solar systems are installed in open atmosphere exposing the batteries to extreme temperatures. Other lead acid batteries fail in such conditions due to sulphation, stratification, corrosion and plate shedding. Moreover, remote solar installations make water top-up difficult and costs money.

To meet such rigors of usage Marathon introduces a maintenance free (no water top-up) Tubular Gel VRLA battery with unbeatable combination of Tubular plate and gelled electrolyte, which is a perfect fit for all solar applications.

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Solar Cold Storage Systems

UltraCool is a small-scale Solar Cold Storage systems for agriculture and horticulture requirements. This Off Grid cold storage enables farm level cooling of perishable commodities.
With no requirement of either a battery or diesel, UltraCool has a low maintenance cost.

Unique thermal energy-based technology for optimum compressor usage. Provides you low cost, battery-less backup of up to 30 hours. This will help farmers to reap the extra profits from their vegetables as this cold storage will reduce wastage and ensures better value for the produce.


solar cold room - ultrathonelectric
Solar Dual Pump - UltrathonElectric

Solar Dual Pump Systems

The Solar Dual Pump is devised to utilize solar energy during day and store water in an overhead tank, which can be accessed throughout the day and act as a normal hand pump when there is no sunlight available; hence serving water 24 hours for the benefit of the user communities.

This is a low cost, low maintenance solution which has been adopted by various governments of the country.

This innovation supplements the government’s “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” also.
The system consists of a submersible pump which runs on power generated from the photo-voltaic solar cells and is suitable for use on bore-wells also.

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Our Testimonials

Director - Tracksun Solar
Aashish Verma Director - Tracksun Solar

"The service provided by Ultrathon Electric has been excellent throughout our project. Their project delivery program was well thought out and integrated seamlessly with our own operation and was delivered on time with professionalism and attention to detail."

man person vector image for icon - ultrathonelectric
A K Singh CEO - Reeday Technologies

"Working with Ultrathon Electric on our 3rd Solar project was a great success and they have a good team of people right from when the initial consultation starts, through the design process, project sign off and installation on site. I would be more than happy to work with Ultrathon Electric again."

Region X - Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Lyciel Mae Mabalo Region X - Northern Mindanao, Philippines

" Ultrathon Electric offered us first class service, their staff was professional and knowledgeable, disruption was minimal and the team genuinely showed an understanding of the needs of the business and how to best meet our needs”.